"World's Heaviest Woman's Weight Loss a Lie" Says Sister, Slams Mumbai Hospital

April 25 2017

In an unexpected turn of events Shaimaa Selim, sister of Eman Ahmed, world's heaviest woman, weighing around 500kg, has shot a video saying that her sister is very sick and she is notgetting good treatment in Saifee Hospital in Mumbai where she was admitted to undergo bariatric surgery.

The video was shot on April 14 inside the facility at Saifee Hospital. Shaimaa has called Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who brought Eman to Mumbai, a liar.

In the video, Shaimaa has accussed Dr Muffazal Lakdawala of 'telling lies' about her sister's weight loss. She says, "She does not talk at all. Sheis not able to move and she looks bluish. No improvement."

Shethen shows the facility where Eman has been kept. Shaimaa says that thehospital doesn't have a CAT scan machine. Eman's thrombosis has been treated till now. She says that the facility promised to escort her to the toilet has not been made yet.

When contacted, Dr Lakdawala in an statement said that Eman will be discharged in a couple of days and allegations made by Shaimaa are disappointing.

Eman had also undergone genetic testing. Thereport which came through in around the end of March showed that she has a rare gene defect that has caused her obesity. In fact she is the only person in the world with the defect.