AR Rahman's UK concert: Fight breaks out between Hindi and Tamil Fans

July 14 2017
AR Rahman's UK concert: Fight breaks out between Hindi and Tamil Fans

AR Rahman's concert at Wembley in the UK caused afight between Hindi and South Indian film viewers. Some members of the audience who had attended the event were apparently upset with the Rahman for singing Tamil songs as they reached the venue with hopes of listening to Bollywood numbers.

The disappointed fans asked the organisers to refund their money as they had not gone to the concert to listen to Tamil songs. Their comments on Twitter made South Indian film buffs point out the forceful imposition of Hindi on them in the southern partsof the country.

The Tamilians told the disappointed fans that AR Rahman belongs to the state and his biggest songs have been a part of Kollywood.

The divide between Hindi-speaking people and South Indians has grown in the recent times. Kannada and Tamil-speaking people have raised concerns on social media about their languages being sidelined, and Hindi replacing the regional languages in banks and other central government offices.

Meanwhile the concert is arranged for Tamil fans of UK with the title "Netru Indru Nalai" a tamil title. The behaviour upsets the musical gaint that, why not people belonging to the same country have no unity in listening to the song sung in one of the country's oldest language, while people fall in love for English which is not our language.