ATM Fraud : CBE ICICI Customer's ATM Card Used in Chennai

November 06 2017
ATM Fraud : CBE ICICI Customer's ATM Card Used in Chennai

Coimbatore, Nov 6 : An ICICI Bank ATM card of a Coimbatore based resident has been hacked by some miscreants to loot an amount of Rs.14000 at Golden Nagar, Chennai yesterday.

According to the victim, he received a message on his registered mobile number that a sum of  Rs.14000 has been debited from his ICICI bank account at around 7.30pm, Sunday.

Immediately, he rushed to the near by ATM to check for the balance and found Rs.14000 missing from his account. He then immediately contacted the ICICI bank support numbers whom had replied that "By mistake you might have done something and the amount would be credited back to you."

He again made a call to the support team this morning, whom had informed him that the money has been withdrawn at an ICICI bank ATM located in Chennai Golden Nagar. The bank also informed him to lodge an FIR on the cyber crime for further proceedings.

The incident make us wonder, how the ATM details of the Coimbatore person been hacked by a person living in Chennai? It clearly indicates that a large network is behind this scam. It is still a mystery.

We will update you on the incident with further details later.