British MP says Anna's crusade will be resolved satisfactorily

August 18 2011

New Delhi, Aug 18 : A top British MP of Indian origin Keith Vaz today expressed hope that the anti-graft crusade by Anna Hazare would be resolved to the satisfaction of everyone concerned.

"I have no take on this issue. I am a British MP of Indian origin," Vaz, who is here on a visit, told reporters.

"I think this is entirely a matter for the Indian people and for Anna and the Government. I don't think I have any role in giving advice," Vaz, who serves as the Chairman of the influential Home Affairs Committee of the House of Commons, said.

"I am watching with interest what is happening and I very much hope that the matter would be resolved to the satisfaction of everyone concerned," Vaz, who is the longest serving person of Asian origin in the British Parliament said, while evading repeated questions on Anna's high-profile campaign that has got international attention.

Asked about the response to Hazare's campaign among people of Indian origin in the UK, he said he was not aware of it.

"I am very interested. I think it is a social phenomenon. I didn't know people joining in the United Kingdom. We have 2.5 million people of Indian origin living in United Kingdom. And I'm sure that they will watch Indian Television," he said. More