Don't go against mandate of Almight, Muslim board tells SC on Triple Talaq

March 28 2017
Don't go against mandate of Almight, Muslim board tells SC on Triple Talaq

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has once again reiterated that triple talaq is not illegal and the courts have no powers to scrutinise it. Do not go against the mandate of the Almighty, the AIMPLB told the Supreme Court which is hearing a batch of petitions seeking to declare triple talaq illegal.

All Muslimsare bound to accept the command of the Messenger and should avoid whatever the Messenger forbids. The board also said that any deviation from Quranic injunctions would go against the mandate of the Almighty.

The board also went to state that disobeying the Quran would lead to serious consequences. The consequence of committing such a sin would be adverse as children born out of such relationships would be illegitimateand their rights of inheritance in their father's estate would be questionable the board argued.

Triple talaq has been mandated by the Holy Quran. The Quran has said that once three pronouncements of talaq are made, the wife becomes unlawful or haraam to the former husband. This has been mentioned in the Quran. The objective is to enable a divorced woman to remarry out of her own will and choice, the board also said in written submissions before the SC which will hearthe matter in the next three days.

The board urged the Supreme Court not to interfere in the matter. The board says that any change would amount to re-writing the Quran and would force Muslims into committing a sin.