Gujarat Is Running Anti-Dalit Government : Arvind Kejriwal

July 22 2016
Gujarat Is Running Anti-Dalit Government : Arvind Kejriwal

Gujarat : Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Friday met the victims of the Dalit family at Una in Gujarat. He said that the Gujarat government is 'anti-Dalit'.

After visiting the Family members of Dalit youth Kanti Mulji Vala who arrested for the murder of head constable Pankaj Amrelia, he said that "The BJP government in Gujarat is anti-Dalit and oppressing Dalits. Those being oppressed by the BJP will teach the party a lesson."

He said those who attempted suicide told him that "atrocities against Dalits are growing day by day in Gujarat".

"I asked them why they are committing suicide. They said atrocities against Dalits are growing day by day. Then I told them that suicide is not the way out, we will have to fight together," he stressed.

He demanded compensation and Government jobs for the youths who had attempted suicide.

"The beating happened in front of a police station in the presence of means this is happening at the behest of the administration. Why is the police silent? Why is it involved? This means there is some direction from the top administration," Kejriwal told reporters after visiting the victims

"I met the victims. What wrong have they done? They were only taking off the skin of a dead cow. They are doing this for a living since long. It's what their ancestors did. They don't own any land," Kejriwal said.