Husband Punches Wife, She Inturn Shoots Him : Bengaluru Horror

May 06 2017
Husband Punches Wife, She Inturn Shoots Him : Bengaluru Horror

On a busy day near Electronics City Bengaluru, people witness a horrifying act when a woman pulled out a gun and fired her husband inside the car.

Sairam, 52 CEO of a private company and his wife Hamsa,44  the director of the company were reportedly had dinner at a restuarant and moving back to their house in HSR layout.

It seems that the couple had an argument during which Sairam punched hamsa in her lips, and she started bleeding. After which she took her licensed piston and shot sairam 3 times in the abdomen while he tries to escape from the car.

Sairam, reportedly loaded an MTC bus on the road, however Hamsa pulled out the SUV they were travelling and chased the bus behind and stopped it and reached him inside the bus. She again started attacking him, Sairam was saved by the passengers of the bus and caught hold of women too.

The couples seems to have been drunken.

Ms. Hamsa, has been arrested for attempt to murder.

“Sheis in custody, but is refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Sheis not answering our questions. We don’t know what they were arguing over,” said a police officer, adding that she was unable to articulate clearly.

They and have an adult daughter who the police were questioning on Friday.