Karnataka legalized Kambala, bullock cart races

February 14 2017
Karnataka legalized Kambala, bullock cart races

Bengaluru: The Karnataka state legislature on Monday legalized kambala, bull runs and bullock cart races by terming them traditional sports and exempted them from the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, by amending it with a legislation.

The bill was carefully worded, and said there should be no harm to the animals. Passed unanimously by the legislative assembly, it said: "Notwithstanding anything...conduct of 'kambala' or 'bulls race or bullock cart race' shall be permitted, subject to condition that no unnecessary pain or suffering is caused to the animals, by the person incharge of that animal used to conduct 'kambala' or 'bulls race or bullock cart race' as the case may be and subject to such other conditions, as may be prescribed."

The bill defines the sport of bull races and bullock cart races as "any form of bulls race including race of bullock cart as a traditional sport involving bulls, whether tied to cart with the help of wooden yokeor not (in whatever name called) normally held as a part of the tradition and culture in the state on such days and places, as may be notified by the state government".

Reacting to the legalization on kambala, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said: "Allowing this cruelty to animals is ashameful black mark on our nation."