Mohanlal's Open Letter to CM Pinarayi Vijayan

June 23 2016
Mohanlal's Open Letter to CM Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala, June 23: Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, who already voiced his concerns over different social issues in Kerala, has now wrote an open letter to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan pointing over several issues that people facing right at the moment.

The actor has posted an open letter in his official blog "The complete actor", which attracted so many visitors in a quick span of time. He also posted the issues as video on his Facebook pages with his own dubbed voice. The video has reached 2.5 lakh views in just 20 hours.

The content of the letter, roughly translated from Malayalam is here follows "For the past many years, I have been writing a blog on the 21st of every month on the issues that affect our society. The topics that I experience and read myself or the ones told by my friends. While many have appreciated me, there are other who have attacked me for stating my opinions. But I have always accepted both as there can be two opinions in each and every matter. Through my blog, I have already pointed out many issues faced in Kerala and I present a few of them before you as I feel there is no future for Kerala without sorting them".

In the letter, he covered several issues like waste management, atrocities against women; children and the elderly people, traffic congestion, road accidents due to speeding; and protection of environment.

In the beginning of the letter, he clearly stated that the letter should not be treated as one from the actor, but as a memorandum from the citizen of Kerala. Over the garbage issues he stated, "There should be specific places for the waste to be disposed of and those who deposit them in public spaces ought to be punished."

Stating over the conservation of nature he wrote, "You and your government have to protect the greenery of our beautiful land,” the actor says. “We have to preserve the remaining forests, waterfalls, hills and paddy fields. If we do not, Kerala will become just a green dot in our memory." He also congratulated the CM for taking few decisions in the very early days of formation of the new government. Atlast he concluded the letter saying “Kerala expects a lot from you."