Priyanka Chopra trolled for wearing tricolor scarf on Independence day

August 18 2017
Priyanka Chopra trolled for wearing tricolor scarf on Independence day

The Bollywood's and Hollywood's desi girl, Priyanka Chopra, is once again trolled on social media over her choice of wardrobe. Earlier too the actress had faced criticism from the people over her clothes. This time, it took another turn when she came under the limelight for wearinga tricolor scarf which was understood to be a national flag.

It all started when the actress posted a boomerang video on Instagram, in which she can be seen swirling her tricolor dupatta. She even took this post to the Twitter with the caption, "Independence Day #Vibes #MyHeartBelongsToIndia #happyindependencedayindia #jaihind". It is afterthis that the vicious lot lurking on the internet once again found a reason to troll her.

But this is not the first time that the actress has been dragged into a criticism like this. Earlier, she was trolled for wearing an "unsanskarishort skirt" while meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin. But this time, when the actress posted a video in tricolor, people forgot tocheck whether it was a scarf or a tricolor. Actually, it was just a normal scarf with saffron, white and green but it anyway triggered the people who accused her for insulting the national flag and the nation. Some said, "Please don't return to India" while some commented, "Don’t you have a salwar-kameez for this occasion?”, “How about a sari", "At least on this auspicious day, you were expected in a sari".

However, some also supported her and said that she is just wearing a tricolor dupatta and not a flag.

On the other hand, people while speaking in support of her also showcased  Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was wearing a tricolor scarf in the past on International Yoga Day.