Road Accidents Kill 17 People Per Hour In India

June 10 2016
Road Accidents Kill 17 People Per Hour In India

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari releases road accidents report in India in 2015 on Thursday. The report shows over 5 lakh accidents occurred last year, killing 146,000 people and leaving thrice the number injured. The accidents increased 2.5% compared to 2014 data. More accidents are reported in rural areas owing to poor roads. 77.1% of accidents, deaths and injuries, were mainly because of over speeding by the drivers says report. Majority of accidents victims involve two-wheelers. Persons killed in road accidents were in the productive age group of 15 -34 years.

The 2015 data reveals that about 1,374 accidents and 400 deaths take place every day on roads. About 17 people die on raod per hour in India. Thirteen top states lead by Tamil Nadu together accounted for 86.7 percent of all road accidents in the country.

In cities, Mumbai had the highest number of road accidents (23,468) while Delhi had the highest number of deaths (1622) due to road accidents.

Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari acknowledged an urgent need to improve road infrastructure as the numbers showed traffic accidents were one of the single biggest causes of death in India.

The ministry said it is focusing on improving poorly designed roads, and plans to deploy electronic surveillance to deter traffic offences.

"Accidents are killing more people in India than terrorism or natural disasters and yet we never talk about them," Gadkari said at a press conference to mark the release of the report.

"It saddens me that there has been a negligible impact on reducing the number of deaths despite our best efforts in the past two years," he said.

India owns just one percent of the world's vehicles but accounts for 15 percent of global traffic deaths, according to the World Bank.

Alarmed by rising road accidents, the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry has sent a Cabinet note for setting up a National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board to advise the government on road safety standards and guidelines.