WannaCry close call for India, high alert to avert any attack

May 16 2017
WannaCry close call for India, high alert to avert any attack

India might have escaped the worst of WannaCry, the ransomware that affected Windows-based computer systems across the globe over the weekend, said experts on Monday. Industry, however, was on high alert toavert any attack.

The ransomware, first detected last Friday, locks down computers and demands a ransom to unlock the data stored in these systems. It had affected about 150 countries across the globe, with Russia and the UK being the worst affected. India, too, reported a number of cases of computers being locked down, including some computers of the Andhra Pradesh police.

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) said few incidents of theattack had been reported in the country. “So far, the impact of this ransomware has been reported in… England, Russia, Spain, Germany, USA, and some academic institutions in China. Very few reports come from our country,” a CERT-In official said in a webcast on Monday.

The agency has issued advisories to organisations and individuals to protect themselves. “Do not pay the ransom, it will encourage the attackers… Report the incident to CERT-In and the local law enforcement agencies so that we can work on it,” the official said.

On Monday, banks, airlines, large information technology (IT) organisations and manufacturing companies across sectors issued advisories to employees to not open any unknown attachments and asked them to follow safe cyber practices. Hotels, too, had padded up to protect their systems.

For the past 72 hours, about 2,000 techies at HCL Technologies have beenglued to their computers, protecting clients from any attack. It is allhands on deck for the Noida-based tech major, which has formed crack teams of cyber security experts to protect data of hundreds of clients.

Banks, both private and public, said they had not detected any attack on their networks.